5 Things to ask before you get a wooden floor

If you are a home-enthusiast, you may be willing to get a wooden floor for your home. Before you buy the wood, you need to consider certain aspects. It is important to buy quality materials, that enhance the durability of the floors. You should ask certain questions to the suppliers before you get the floor. This will deliver a better look and longer life to the floor.

Ask the following questions to the suppliers before installing the wooden floor.

Where was the floor made?

It is important to know the place, where the floor was manufactured. The process of manufacturing also determines the quality of the floor. Certain hardwoods are processed to resemble reclaimed wood. If you want the floor to be strong and durable, you must get a reclaimed wood flooring.

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Safety standards

You need to comply with the safety standards in the industry when you install wooden flooring in your room. Ask the suppliers whether the quality of materials adheres to the prescribed standards in the industry. This will ensure that you get quality products for your flooring.

Is the wood water and boil-proof?

When you choose the wood for flooring, you should check out its specifications. It is essential to use an engineered board for underfloor heating, when you install the floor. This will keep the wood safe from the heat.

Have the hard-wax oils been dried in the air?

The hard waxed oils, used in wooden flooring, need to be air-dried. Ask the suppliers if the product meets this criterion. This type of oil sinks into the grains, and does not settle on the surface of the wood. It enhances the finish of the floor.

What is the source of the wood?

The sellers should know the age of the wood. Reclaimed wood is obtained from trees that are hundreds of years old. This makes them strong and durable.

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