Benefits of Using CCTV Surveillance Systems in Courthouse

Courts are places where civil or criminal cases are heard, frequented by criminal entities and therefore in the courts there remains a risk of disturbances, tensions, disruptions that can take a violent turn. Because of this security cameras are used in the courts to monitor the activities of the people visiting the place. The CCTV surveillance systems offer a certain level of security and safety at the court room premises.

Courthouse CCTV Surveillance Benefits

Installing CCTV cameras at the courtroom has its own benefits which are described as follows:-

Deters Violence

The cameras installed at the courtroom premises helps in surveillance and their presence prevents the occurrence of violence.

Criminal Activity Monitoring

Many courts have CCTV installed at strategic locations. The different CCTV security systems help the operators to keep a close look on the courtroom premises to avoid the occurrence of criminal acts.

Employee Protection

The employees in the courtroom confront with a difficult task of dealing with enhanced tension in courtrooms. Security cameras installed at the courtroom helps to monitor the proceedings in the courtroom and prevent unwanted incidents from occurring.

Visual Evidence

Whenever unwanted incidents occur inside a courtroom then CCTV records it. The CCTV can furnish stored visual recordings for investigation requirements.

Advanced Search

The HD surveillance systems stores video in digital format and on the hard disk drives of the computer. This allows the operator to refer to the stored video of court proceedings without having to search for them, much.

Remote Monitoring

There are security systems which upon installation allow the operator to remotely monitor activities inside the courtroom using the local network or the Internet.

Courtroom CCTV Cameras

Factors Useful to Determine the Appropriate CCTV Device

There are available different types of CCTV surveillance systems. The following factors are useful to determine the appropriate CCTV device for the courthouse:-

  • Type of security personnel that are present in the courthouse
  • Type of security system that is in place
  • Whether there is any record of instances of violent outbursts inside the courthouse
  • Whether there are instances of criminal activity inside the courthouse
  • Considering the risk areas for possible events at the courts
  • Whether the courtroom employees were attacked or confronted with dangerous situations in the past

Installation Advice for Court CCTV Surveillance Devices

It is recommended to install the surveillance cameras at the exits as well as the entrances of courtrooms to facilitate easy capturing of visitors to the court building.

The public areas at the court should be carefully monitored for disruptive behaviour or criminal activity.

Courtrooms require having surveillance cameras to monitor different courtroom activity as well as collect video feed of the proceedings within the facility.

It is recommended to install CCTV surveillance at areas inside or outside the courtroom.

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