Design Ideas for Sheds

If you have a lot of plants and flowers, then you might not want to leave them sitting outside all the time. They can benefit from the sunshine during the day, but a shed is an option for storing them at night. Aside from storing potted plants, there are a few design ideas to consider for a shed in your yard. 

One of the design ideas to consider for backyard potting sheds is to make it look like a charming home with a small front porch and shutters on front windows. You could design the shed to look like your own home as well. All your plants can be placed on shelves in the shed with a few sitting in the windows like they would in your home. 

Another idea is to create a garden retreat. Add trellises on the sides of the shed as well as a pathway made of brick or concrete that leads to your main house. Design the inside of the shed like you might a retreat with a small library area for all the seeds and bulbs that you want to plant and a separate station with pots and dirt so that you can get your plants ready to put in the ground. This type of shed often offers more warmth for the plants that are inside because of the trellises on the outside and the lack of windows that let in cooler air during the year. 

A miniature greenhouse is an option if you plan on being in the shed for long periods of time and have plants that require more sunlight than others. When you’re designing the greenhouse, make sure the roof has a secure latch so that it doesn’t crash down when it’s opened or closed. You could put running water in the shed as well as a bench or two so that you have somewhere to sit while observing your plants or while you’re tending to them. A greenhouse design would look beautiful with benches outside as well along with a circular area and a fountain. 

Create a vintage shed by building it out of older pieces of wood. You could also use newer pieces of wood that are stained. A brick foundation provides a sturdy base while white paint on the roof offers a charming appearance. Build a charming front porch on the shed with a rocking chair or two and a light inside so that you can care for your plants at any time. 

shed idea for someone who enjoys spending more time outside the home than inside is a she-shed. This is a trend that is becoming quite popular among women of all ages. The shed is painted and designed in the way that a woman would enjoy with decorations, letters on the outside or on the walls, and gardening supplies inside. The idea is to make the shed look beautiful and cozy instead of like a shed where you would store gardening tools or lawn supplies.

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