How to Kill Woodworm – Call in The Professionals

Woodworm is a broad term for a variety of wood boring beetles including the Common Furniture Beetle and the Death Watch Beetle.  The British Pest Control Association warns that the Common Furniture Beetle can fly in through windows although many woodworm infestations start in second hand furniture or timbers.

Woodworm normally lay their eggs between April and September and leave them secreted in the crevices of wood. Here, the mother believes that they will be safe and hatch as intended.

After hatching, the woodworm larvae take 2-5 years to develop in to pupa and adult beetles, throughout this stage they bore in to the timber and consume the cellulose in the wood.

When they mature in to beetles they leave the timber and this is often indicated at the timber’s surface level by dust called frass that’s spilled from their tunnel, professionally termed a gallery.

The beetle, sized 3-6mm is destined to procreate before they die, this happens within 2 weeks of leaving the timber.

Clues that you need a woodworm treatment company:

  • Damaged/crumbling/weak timber.
  • Fresh looking holes and galleries.
  • These are often difficult to see.
  • Dead beetles.

Don’t ignore them, they won’t go away!

Unlike other pests, woodworm won’t die off in cold weather, conveniently relocate or wiggle out of the letterbox overnight. They remain in the timber they hatch by and bore in to it until adulthood so your infestation, small or large, is invested in its future in your property’s timber frame, furniture, stairs, flooring or window frames. You may leave before they do.

Structural integrity is significantly, sometimes dangerously, compromised by woodworm activity.  The health and safety risks, insurance exclusions and probability of an incident only increase so you won’t save money or gain any sense of peace of mind by not facing the woodworm infestation proactively.

Seek a woodworm treatment company’s assistance

If you want to kill woodworm and reclaim your property please take advantage of an established woodworm treatment company which is equally proficient at woodworm prevention. Thames Valley Timber Treatment is an excellent example of a long established, highly recommended and cost effective Sovereign Chemicals partner. Work is guaranteed for 30 years.

Professional training, qualifications, experience and licensed treatments ensure that they’re far superior and unquestionably more effective than over the counter and DIY methods administered by hopeful novices.

A woodworm treatment company specialist carries out a full survey to accurately evaluate the size of the infestation and its severity. In an older property, holes may be visible from a previous infestation. They’ll recognise the difference between past and current threats.

Don’t liberally spread chemical treatments; your actions may fall short or exceed the treatment required. You’ll place yourself and others in danger.

Woodworm Prevention

Treatments are available which remove the risk of woodworm infestations. Professional woodworm prevention measures are vital for peace of mind.

Remember, cheap and cheerful DIY options are much less attractive when they leave your property vulnerable.

Claim back your property and furniture efficiently with specialist assistance.

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