Light up your house with eye catching candles

Candles represent unity, peace and love. It is also a symbol of peace and progress. Candles are popularly used in religious ceremonies but also find favour as a decorative item. The spiritual benefits of candles can also not be discounted with many religions attaching many divine messages to the candles. Colours and scents of candles are also believed to carry special significance. You can visit our website and browse all kinds of innovative candles for various purposes. Some have been described here.

Large candles

The jumbo pillar house hold candle available in our collection has a length of 9 inches and can burn for about 30 hours. It is available in various colours.

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  • Black and green colour combination for good luck, money and getting rid of unfavourable circumstances.
  • Black and red colour combination representing love and affection.
  • Red, white and blue combination for a peaceful home and invoking blessings of holy spirits.
  • Red, white and green combination for ushering in good luck and love.
  • Black and white candles to get rid of dark forces and enhance the spiritual atmosphere.

Votive candles

Votive candles available in our collection can be used with or without candle holder. These are 2 inches wide and 2 inches tall unscented candles with a burn capacity of 15 hours. They also do not cause smoke. Votive candles are available in various colours such as orange, pink, white, black, brown, black, purple, yellow and red. Each colour has a special significance. For example, a pink votive candle adds a touch of femininity to the décor while a black or white votive candle is suitable for creating a spiritual ambiance.

The votive candles can be used in a bowl filled with water to enhance the décor of the house or in a small vase to increase the aesthetic appeal of the room.


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