Natural Stone Paving: Getting Rid of Organic Growth

Natural stone paving – A flooring option which is loved by all, however many people do not know how to clean it correctly, especially when it comes to organic growth. This is why today we are going to strive to provide some great tips…

Organic growth can be prevalent on hard surfacing where the area is shaded under trees for example or not laid to an adequate fall.  There are many forms of organic growth and some require different treatments in order to remove them. Here are the most common types of organic growth and how to get rid of them:

Algae – Algae can usually be identified as a green film or powdery deposit.

Moss – Moss is loose typically showing as green/yellow tufts looking cushioned.

Lichen – The colour of lichen can vary including orange, yellow, green and silver. This is typically a crusty texture.

When any of these three organic growths occur, appropriate treatments should be used in accordance to manufacturers’ instructions.  Sometimes these treatments can take a while to kick in and sometimes they can work instantly. In many scenarios treatments can work best if the organic growth is first of all scraped off before any products are applied, this allows for them to penetrate deeper, faster. Be sure to follow manufacturers guidelines at all times for the greatest results.

Power washers and jetwashs can be used by those looking for quick organic growth removals, and can also be used after treatments have taken place so that harmful chemicals can be removed, making areas safer.

Eliminating the Chances of Organic Growth

Getting rid of organic growth and making it stay away can be difficult and time consuming, this is why we always recommend those getting natural stone to get it from leading paving suppliers and to get it installed by recommended people and companies.

Some specialist natural stone suppliers now offer pre-sealed natural stone which is incredibly advantageous for those looking to avoid organic growth. Pre-sealed natural stone offers many benefits and should always be chosen, especially by those that are really that knowledgeable when it comes to looking after stone in the greatest ways.

Of course organic growth can occur at any given time however when using the most leading professionals and installers alongside the greatest products and materials the chances can be minimised tenfold, providing peace of mind to all.

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