Why Are Ceramic Tiles a Better Option Than Porcelain Tiles?

When you are building a new home, the tiling on the floor is one of the most important choices that you need to make. Different areas require different types of tiling, but the material can be same for both indoors and outdoors. There are many reasons why ceramic tiles are a better option than porcelain tiles when it comes to installing them in your home. Here are the top reasons why ceramic tiles are better:


  • Durable:


Ceramic tiles, especially Carreaux Metro ceramic tiles, are extremely tough and difficult to crack. Although porcelain tiles are a form of ceramic tiles, they might end up being less durable as compared to ceramic tiles as there is no proper labeling and regulations surrounding the characteristics of porcelain tiles.

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  • Price:


Ceramic tiles are way cheaper than porcelain tiles. Even if you purchase branded ceramic tiles, it would cost you less than regular porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles are durable at places, which have heavy foot traffic but due to lack of clear regulations, it is possible that you get faulty porcelain tiles. Ceramic tiles are a better option, both durability and price wise.


  • Water Resistant:


Ceramic flooring is generally glazed. This means it has a protective layer that protects the material. This makes the tiles resistant to any water damage. Therefore, it is ideal for places like kitchens and bathrooms where water spills are common. Porcelain tiles have grout lines that might make the material susceptible to moisture, which is why ceramic tiles are clearly the better option.


  • Maintenance:


Porcelain tiles are really heavy, which is why maintaining them or replacing them is actually pretty difficult. Ceramic tiles, on the other hand, are lightweight and fairly easy to care for. Any kind of liquid, dirt or stains that come over the surface can easily be wiped away and vacuuming is also possible on ceramic tiles. Other than this, in case the material gets damaged, you can replace at half the price of what it would take to replace porcelain tiles.


  • Design Options:


Ceramic tiles have been around for a long time, which is why almost all manufacturers now have various design options for ceramic tiling. Therefore, if you are a design freak and want your home to be unique, you should opt for ceramic tiles.

All these features clearly make ceramic tiles a better option as compared to porcelain tiles.

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