X Mistakes to Avoid While Redecorating Your Kitchen

So, you are planning to invest some money on redecorating the most visited pace of your house—kitchen. You are spending your weeks shopping for materials and finding the ideal contractor. We wish you the very best and some insight on what mistakes you should avoid while redecorating your kitchen. Read on.

  • It is a wrong assumption that bigger kitchen is tantamount to a better kitchen.

If the existing area is over-cramped and limiting, you can still make the most out of the area available. A professional contractor indulges proper design techniques and modern appliances to make your small kitchen stand out than the rest of the spaces. Although, more floor space, counter space, and storage help in improvising the functions sometimes, additions and expansions are not always favorable to make it better.

You can consider relocating our appliance and reconfigure your cabinets before expanding the room or building an addition if you have a large kitchen.

  • Do not rely on the modern look of appliances

Although stainless steel appliances have always been a popular choice, but you do have to realize that these kitchen elements have a limited lifespan. Many expert kitchen designs use cabinetry covers for the fridge, oven, and dishwasher face. This lets the appliances to dissolve themselves into the theme of the space and gives you more freedom in terms of model and style bought. Cuisines Rosemère designers also warn that too much of stainless steel hampers with the visual flow and cabinetry covers help in covering those flaws.

Also, try to focus on interesting architectural features, an appealing countertop or huge furniture pieces that help in creating drama or ground the space.

  • Do not sell your cabinets short.

Cabinets are deemed to be a significant portion of your kitchen renovation budget. But you need to understand that skimping on them might risk the style and function of the remodelling project. Keep away from buying lower quality kitchen cabinets to save money. Instead you should look for the best cabinetry style and materials which are affordable and helps in creating an optimum layout. Lower quality cabinets may look good at first, but as the time goes by, the shortfalls will make an appearance. Poor construction, less finish, and bad design also make an appearance after a time of use.

  • Do not stuff every corner of the kitchen space with cabinets.

Sure, creating enough storage space is a numero uno priority in the kitchen, but keep in mind that the ideal kitchen design leave empty space for balance and light. Avoid installing cabinets on every corner of the wall. Instead, come up with the ways what part of walls would need the cabinets and what other parts are better left bare, for artwork, windows, doors etc. to create a balance.

Natural light is a must for your kitchen. It gives it a chance to bounce off the kitchen surfaces and more opportunities for window placement arise. If you are choosing to install a light-colored cabinet to make an open feeling, leave some space below the sink or flanking the patio doors with open walls to give you room to breathe and provide a better traffic flow. Also, keep in mind that leaving space on the walls and floors also allows for a brighter room.

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